Abby Lee Miller Completes Several Classes While in Prison

Abby Lee Miller is bettering herself behind bars.

The former Dance Moms star, who is serving a 366-day sentence in federal prison for bankruptcy fraud, has completed a prison Release Preparation Program, Us Weekly reported Thursday.

Miller received a certificate in personal finance on Dec. 15 and also passed her ACE — Adult Continuing Education — class while receiving a certificate for real estate.

The former reality TV personality was sentenced in May for bankruptcy fraud and bringing $120,000 of undeclared Australian currency into the U.S. without reporting it. In addition to prison time, she will also be subject to two years of supervised release and fined $40,000 as well as a $120,000 judgment.

Before she reported to prison, she spoke to Us Weekly about not being prepared for her prison sentence.

"It's surreal! I keep thinking someone's gonna call and say, 'Oh, it was a mistake!'" she said at the time. "I'm not out taking karate. I'm not in a self-defense class, though, maybe I should be."

On The View after her sentencing, Miller wasn't as confident about her time in prison.

In the candid interview, she broke down in tears and reveals she panicked when she heard the guilty verdict.

"Oh, I panicked," she adds, before addressing her legacy. "I gave kids a new life. No one can take that away from me. No one."

Miller did take responsibility for her mistakes, however.


"I'm doing the time. I am taking the blame," she confirmed.

Photo credit: Getty / JB Lacroix