'90 Day Fiance' Star Darcey Silva Vows Not to Be 'Stupid' With British Boyfriend Tom

On the first episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days Season 3, fans caught up with Darcey Silva, who was previously featured on the show with boyfriend Jesse Meester. However, she returned with a different beau after breaking up with him and is now dating a British man named Tom. Silva, 44, insisted she was not going to do anything "stupid" this time around.

Silva said she has known Tom for four years, since before she dated Meester and met on Facebook. They reconnected after she broke up with Meester and he has been there for her. They are constantly texting each other.

"I really feel connected to Tom," Silva told the camera. "But my biggest fear is that Tom will be a Jesse in disguise. I'm not going to be stupid this time around."

At one point, Silva went to get cosmetic surgery to look younger for 39-year-old Tom, whom she describes as a "jet-setter" and works in the fashion world. She plans to meet him in person in a week and even believes he is "the one."

Stacey, Silva's twin sister, tried to get her to be more realistic and take things slower with Tom.

"I feel like the universe is finally calling us to meet in person," Silva told Stacey.

During an event before Sunday's episode, Silva told Us Weekly that Tom is like "James Bond."

“All I’ll say is, ‘You like the red bottoms?’ Because he likes them too,” Silva told Us Weekly. “I like a man with some fashion. I’ll just say I like James Bond.”

Silva called off her relationship with Meester because she found he was too controlling. In a scene where Silva spoke with Tom on Skype, she said she wished she didn't have to go through that to start dating Tom.

Notably, Tom said he was not going to pick her up at the airport because he wants to see her after she "freshens up" following a long flight. Silva agreed with that idea, calling it "more romantic."

“I just feel like, Jesse, at the time we met, I didn’t see the red flags. I wore my heart on my sleeve. It was wishful thinking. Now I know what not to do. And not to fall in love with someone who’s there for ulterior motives or something else," Silva explained. "The times I was with [Jesse], I gave 100 percent, but I had to fight back for my worth. And now I know what I deserve."


Fans at home were cringing during Silva's story.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.