'90 Day Fiance': Larissa Dos Santos Lima Shares Intimate Details of New Relationship Amid Deportation Allegations

Larissa Dos Santos Lima has moved on following her very public divorce from 90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson. The TLC personality doesn't appear to be struggling getting back into the swing of things following their messy split.

During a recent Instagram Q&A, Dos Santos Lima shared some intimate details about her relationship with new boyfriend Eric Nichols. Clearly things are pretty hot and heavy between the two of them, at least according to her answers. Dos Santos Lima told fans their relationship was "like a dream."

Later in the Q&A, she was asked about their sex life, revealing that they're having sex "more [than] twice a day." Dos Santos Lima's initial answer to the question was "of course!" but Nichols seemed to disagree.

"No, we don't!" he responded.

"Yes, we do!" Dos Santos Lima playfully insisted back.

Finally, Nichols conceded, "We used to! Just kidding."

This is a stark contrast to her relationship with Johnson. During an episode of 90 Day Fiance, Dos Santos Lima admitted, "Sex with Colt is a disaster."

"I'm not a blow-up doll," she said, according to InTouch Weekly.

Johnson admitted that their sex life was "pretty much non-existent." It's unclear whether or not that contributed to their eventual demise.

While Dos Santos Lima is currently basking in the bliss of a new relationship, she's facing some pretty serious issues right now. Johnson's mother, Debbie Johnson, alleged in an Instagram comment that Dos Santos Lima was facing deportation following a physical altercation with her estranged husband. She said at the time, "Everything takes time."

Dos Santos Lima refuted those claims on her own Instagram, revealing that Debbie's claims left members of her family concerned. She claimed there was no truth to what Debbie said.

"This isn't true, everything about my status in the U.S. is confidential and will not be disclosed by third parties that [are] not involved in any immigration process with me," she told fans at the time.

Days later, The Blast reported that Dos Santos Lima appeared before a judge and narrowly missed being sent to jail. Instead, she was ordered to complete the Justice Court Community Service Program and pay a few fines. The program allows those accused of crimes to complete community service hours at different non-profit organizations. Once she completes the service, she'll be off the hook and free to move on with her life.

The charges against the reality TV star stem from an altercation involving estranged husband Colt, which resulted in Dos Santos Lima's arrest. The incident occurred in November. Authorities confirmed to PEOPLE "officers were dispatched to a family disturbance at a residence in Northwest Las Vegas."


"Two people were contacted at the home who were arguing. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined that Dos Santos had committed Battery Domestic Violence one her husband and transported to the Clark County Detention Center," a Public Information Officer said of the incident.

E! News reported that Dos Santos Lima was released from the Clark County Detention Center the following day.