'90 Day Fiance' Alum Jonathan Rivera Denies Fernanda Flores Abuse Allegations

Jonathan Rivera of 90 Day Fiance isn't going to sit around while abuse allegations are made against him by his estranged wife, Fernanda Flores. Back in June, Flores went to YouTube where she shared in a video she posted that Rivera began physically abusing her after previously mentally and verbally abusing her.

Rivera is adamantly denying these claims after remaining silent on the issue. He's even flipped the script after sharing in an interview with AfterBuzz TV that Flores was the one who abused him.

"She's punched me in the face multiple times," Rivera said. "Her dad told me, like, she's crazy. She has a temper."

In June when Flores first brought up the allegations, she explained multiple incidents. These are considered by Rivera to be "fabricated." He suggests that the reason behind her attack on him is a plan she concocted to split from him and still remain in the states to pursue a modeling career.

Rivera added that Flores learned she could keep her citizenship from a lawyer at a party with abuse allegations due to the Violence Against Women Act, which issues green cards to non-U.S. victims who experience battery and abuse in the country.

Going back to Flores' claims, she told viewers how the abuse became worse over time.

"He would tell me I'm lazy, I'm so skinny, making me not feel attractive to him anymore," Flores began in the video as she shared an incident. "I didn't want to get in the car with him. He take my arm and bring me into the car. I was crying. I was afraid for my life."

The two have been apart since December 2018 but legally remain married. In a separate video she posted on YouTube, Flores shared in a Q&A her thoughts on Rivera's newest girlfriend.

She feels its not a good look for his girlfriend to be dating a married man.

"He said that he signed the divorce papers. Lie," Flores claimed. "He just filed for divorce and I just got the paperwork last week... How you don't respect yourself as a woman? Divorce first and then, we'll see, right?"


She added that Rivera is only rushing into another relationship to make himself feel better and to be able to share with the world a feeling of, "look how happy I am."

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