'90 Day Fiance' Star Jay Smith Rushes to Hospital to Support Estranged Wife Ashley Martson

Despite their rocky relationship, 90 Day Fiancé star Jay Smith rushed to wife Ashley Martson's side after she was hospitalized earlier this week for kidney failure.

On Tuesday, just three days after Martson was hospitalized after having been found unconscious, Smith posted a picture to his Instagram account from his wife's bedside, showing her hand in his.

"I may have hurt you. I may have not been a good husband," he wrote. "Jumping on a plane the second I found out you [were] in the hospital was something I didn't even think twice to do. We have our differences, but as long as I have life, I will never let you sit alone and suffer. I love you, and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for having me here to support you."

(Photo: Instagram / @jay_smith_ja)

The couple, who symbolically tied the knot in Jamaica before their season of 90 Day Fiancé aired and later in a real ceremony in Las Vegas, have had a tumultuous relationship and even seemed to be headed towards divorce after Smith was caught messaging women on dating apps.

Speculation that the couple had officially called it quits was only fueled after Martson created a GoFundMe page just one day before Smith was at her bedside seeking help to pay for her medical bills. While many fans believed that her request for support meant that Smith had left her, he later addressed the rumors on his Instagram Story.

"Y'all funny as f–. So just because I don't post a picture or something, it means I'm not here in the hospital with Ashley," he wrote.

Martson was hospitalized on Jan. 13 after she was discovered unresponsive in her home due to complications related to her lupus diagnosis. She later announced that she was in acute kidney failure and detailed what doctors were doing to help her.


"I will begin dialysis shortly," she wrote. "I will not let this beat me. I know I'm strong enough to battle through this, not just for myself but for my kids," she wrote on social media on Sunday. "I will be transferred to another hospital this evening that is better equipped. Please pray for myself and my family as I know it's going to be a very tough road ahead for all of us. Thank you for your continuous support and prayers."

It was later announced by someone posting on her Instagram account that she had undergone surgery to place a catheter into her abdomen to begin peritoneal dialysis on Jan. 15 in an effort to "aid in helping her kidneys repair themselves."