'90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days': Rebecca Finally Tells Zied She's Still Married After Big Fight

This week's episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days finally showed what happened when Rebecca Parrott told boyfriend Zied Hakimi she is still married to her estranged husband. The admission came at an already tense moment in their relationship, as it came just a day after Zied and Rebecca fought over a photo of her Moroccan ex-husband she found on his phone. The two are still together, as Rebecca recently defended Zied against abuse allegations.

Rebecca has already been in Tunisia for two weeks at this point, and knew she had to tell Zied she is still married to the man in the photo he saw. Before she finally broke the news though, Zied, 26, took Rebecca, 47, on an ATV drive in the Sahara. At one point, he got stuck trying to go up a hill.

"I've never been this in love with anyone and I've never felt that someone loved me as much as Zied does," Rebecca told the camera. "It's mine and Zied's last day in the desert together... and I've got to come clean to him."

When the two sat down to eat, Rebecca finally told Zied her secret.

"Um... my divorce papers, they are not final yet. So, technically, right this minute, I'm still married," Rebecca finally said.

Zied was shocked and asked her to repeat herself.

Rebecca later explained that she has filed her divorce papers and will have to make one final court appearance when she returns to the U.S. She apologized to Zied, but he would not accept her apology.

"This no good for me," he said, and asked why she did not tell him before.

"I don't know," she replied.

Zied said it was "not normal." He said her ex was still her husband, and walked away from Rebecca. He later told the camera this revelation made him "so angry." Zied said he even wanted her to go back to the U.S. and pretend they never knew each other.

Rebecca tried to talk to him, but he did not want to have a conversation and brushed her off. He then got on one of the ATVs and left the area.

"Every fight that we've ever had... we've always been able to talk things out, but I've never seen him this angry," Rebecca told the camera. "I want to throw up... I've never felt this bad in my life."

In last week's episode, Zied discovered that Rebecca, a private investigator in Georgia, still had a photo of her ex on her phone. In the scene, it looked like Zied put his hand around her neck, which sparked concerns from fans that he was going to be abusive to her.

Rebecca quickly responded to the concerns, telling fans in an emotional Instagram video that he would never be abusive to her.

"At no time has Zied ever been abusive or would be abusive," Parrot said in the video. "On top of the fact that TLC and Sharp Entertainment would not have allowed it, but they damn sure would not have aired it. So let's all stop talking about Zied being abusive. It's not OK. As an abuse survivor myself, I would never excuse that, especially being on this wide of a platform because that's dangerous. So let's stop this now."

She later suggested the editing made things look worse than they were.

"As there are women watching in actually dangerous relationships that think if I’m staying with this man, it’s okay for them to," she wrote in the Instagram caption. "It is never okay to be in any relationship that is even slightly abusive. Reality tv likes to create drama, and did that with the preview. The scene in its entirety, clearly shows Zied was not being abusive in ANY way. Be responsible with your accusations."


New episodes of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days air on TLC Sundays at 8 p.m. ET.

Photo credit: TLC