'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Speaks out on Fake Instagram and Relationship With Jay

90 Day Fiancé star Ashley Marston is breaking her silence after being accused of fraud following reports that she and husband Jay Smith leaked their own information via a fake Instagram account.

On Sunday, Martson took to her Instagram Story to write a lengthy message addressing the new drama she has found herself in after Smith accidentally went live on the Instagram account callingyououtfraud2, which has leaked information about the couple including their recent divorce filing and photos from their Jamaica wedding.

The accidental slip up led to the reveal that the couple was behind the account and using the leaks to circumvent their NDA with 90 Day Fiancé and garner public interest in them as a couple.

The backlash from the reveal, coming from both fans and other members of the TLC series, eventually led both Martson and Smith to delete their Instagram accounts, though Martson quickly reactivated hers to set the record straight.

"Yes, he made a fake page and I was aware. We are sorry that this has placed doubt in your minds in regards to our entire story," she explained, adding that the original account, "calling you out fraud," was "exposing/posting personal photos that ONLY my old friend on the scooter had access to."

"When we finally got this original account ('calling you out fraud') removed for violating Instagram terms, Jay made the second one (and name it 'calling you out fraud 2') in hopes to distract the audience from the fake messages and personal photos of myself and my children that she would post," she continued. "The ceremony photos were originally posted on Natalie's original 'calling you out fraud' page. Jay just copied and pasted them to the new '2' account so that it would look like an extension of the original."

Adding that she and Smith "did not break our contract," by sharing the wedding photos as they were "from a ceremony we had in Jamaica before the show even contacted us," she explained that her husband's fake account was an effort to "beat Natalie from starting another one so she couldn't continue to defame us or post our address, personal numbers, and children's photos."


"I hope this clears things up — you are the believers. I can't make you believe me any more than you do or do not, but this is my record of what's happening and the choice is yours," she concluded.

Smith has not yet spoken out about the scandal. TLC has also not commented.