'90 Day Fiance' Star Ashley Martson Reveals Ex Jay Smith 'Showed up' at the Same Party as Her and Fans Have Thoughts

90 Day Fiance star Ashley Martson recently revealed that her ex Jay Smith "showed up" at the same party as her, and fans have thoughts about it. In a post on Instagram, Martson shared a post that featured a photo of herself with a Bachelor in Paradise star Christian Estrada, and in the caption she revealed the news that she and Smith wound up at the same event at the same time. She added that fans could get more details by following a link in her bio. The link redirects fans to a Celebuzz article wherein Martson was revealed to have said that, “it’s expected" for her and Smith to end up at some events together because they "both filmed the same show." She then added, "I just do my thing and handle my business.”

Many of her fans have since commented on the situation, with one writing, "Dont worry ull find a serious guy! Forget last boy, wasnt a serious person. You deserve any better."

"Why isn’t he deported? Get him out of here!! U deserve to live in a world that he’s not a part of!! U look stunning," someone else wrote.

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"I am soooo happy for you!! You deserve to be loved truly and happy," someone else wrtoe. "I am so proud of you for moving on from Jay. He hurt you way to much. You are a gorgeous woman!!! Keep working on your happiness and being an amazing mom."

"Ashley, he's absolutely so handsome! You're doing good girl! I'm proud of you," one other fan offered, in reference to Martson's rumored romance with the bachelor in Paradise star.

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Smith and Martson had a rollercoaster relationship, that came to an end ahead of Smith being taken into custody by ICE and detained for nearly a month. He was eventually released, but is at risk for deportation.


Following his release, Martson told In Touch,"I just hope he learned his lesson and respects any future woman he chooses to be with."

"His deportation hearing hasn't been announced but will be shortly," she added. "For now he's is out on bail on $4,500 which his boss paid. He just needs to keep his distance and him and I will be fine."