'1,000-lb. Sisters' Star Amy Worries About Tammy's Online Relationship in Exclusive Clip

As sisters Tammy and Amy Slaton work to lose the weight that would allow them to undergo potentially lifesaving bariatric surgery, Amy is also concerned that an online relationship Tammy is cultivating could end in heartbreak during this critical time in their life. Ahead of Wednesday's all-new episode of 1,000-lb. Sisters, the TLC sibling opens up about the difficult process of finding love as true as Amy's husband Michael in a PopCulture.com exclusive clip.

As Amy questions how Tammy knows her online suitor, Jerry, is "legit," Tammy at first gets defensive before revealing the two have yet to video chat just yet. Feeling insecure about her weight, Tammy admits that while she wants to video chat with the man she's talking to, she's "a little scared he won't actually like what he sees," as all her photos only show her face.

"I've had too many online relationships. They never worked out," she tells the camera. "I question myself, wondering why it's hard for people to love me. I don't think I'm so hard to love."

While Amy is worried about the 11-year age gap with her sister and her new guy, Tammy is feeling optimistic: "There's just something about Jerry," she tells her. "I mean he's there for me, talks to me, I haven't really had nobody else to do that."

Amy confides in her sister that before her husband Michael came along she thought she would "never find love," but expresses to the camera later she would rather Tammy focus on her major lifestyle change rather than finding men to talk to online.

"I would love to see my sister happy, but Tammy's been catfished before," she explains. "When Tammy's catfished online she just eats. The thing I want for Tammy the most is a longer life. Quit worrying about the men and worry about your diet."

Tammy is keeping hope alive for her love life, however, adding to the camera, "Amy's found Michael so that makes me feel like there might be a little bit of hope for me one day to find love too."


1,000-lb. Sisters airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.

Photo credit: TLC