'RHONJ' Star Joe Giudice Reveals Completely Empty Street in Italy Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Joe Giudice revealed how empty the streets of Italy were with a video he posted on Instagram. Giudice said that the area he's in looks like a "ghost town" because everyone is so scared of the coronavirus. In the video, he starts off with a selfie as he talks to the camera before showing his fans the streets and surrounding areas.

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"More people die from Viagra (heart attacks and drug overdose) everyday than this Corona virus," he captioned the video. "People here are frantic because government is ridiculous with [lock emoji] down !!!! Sorry Lock down not for me Never again !!!!! Stay safe [earth emoji] eat healthy, exercise, and no shaking and [soap and hands emoji]!"

While Giudice doesn't seem too scared of contracting the virus, it's moved to a dangerous level now that even Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said on Monday that all of Italy has been put on lockdown in efforts to contain it throughout the country. However, the reality personality didn't seem to be afraid of breaking the rules either as he casually strolled through the streets saying he was working.

"I can't believe that there's literally nobody out in these streets — look at this, ghost town. Literally, nobody out because of this stupid coronavirus. It's, like, ridiculous. People are so scared, unbelievable. Grow a set of cojones... guess I'm gonna be the only one walking around working today," he said in the video.

The fast-spreading breakout has caused major productions from music festivals and films to shut down in efforts to discontinue the contamination. South by Southwest has officially canceled their event, which has left the festival in major financial trouble since they aren't insured. Artist like Old Dominion and Madonna have cancelled their shows as well. The popular music festival Coachella is still deciding whether to shut the entire operation down or let fans gather as usual like every other year. Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 7 and The Amazing Race have been put on hold, along with game shows like Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune are not allowing audience members to attend according to ET.


While other countries are being forced to shut down, President Trump is attempting to give the American people hope by downplaying the virus saying, "It's really working out ... And a lot of good things are going to happen" after telling everyone to "stay calm" because the coronavirus "will go away" according to The New York Times.

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