Danielle 'Bhad Bhabie' Bregoli Shows off Massive New Tattoo

Danielle "Bhad Bhabie" Bregoli has some serious new ink! The 16-year-old rapper is no stranger to going under the needle, sporting at least 17 tattoos all over her body, but her latest piece may the largest yet, featuring a woman covering her lower face with money across her entire left forearm.

While initial reports of her tattoo claimed the image was supposed to be of Bregoli herself, the teen star denied getting her own face inked in the comment section of her big reveal.

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"I heard this was a tattoo of yourself. Is that true? I hope not 'cause it doesn't look anything like you!" one follower wrote, earning from Bregoli a simple, "nope."

It's been an eventful past couple weeks for Bregoli, with Disney star Skai Jackson being granted a restraining order against her former friend last month after an online feud over Jackson allegedly "liking" posts about Bregoli rose to the level of threats on the rapper's side.

"You funny imma get to you don't worry," Bregoli said in a conversation on Instagram DMs, as obtained by PEOPLE. "Oh god you better hide I find everyone [you're kidding] me I pull up to studios houses all that s —."

"You really tripping about something I didn't do... you know people stay starting stuff when it's not even true right?" Jackson responded. "I'm good over here, and worried about my own self... no one said anything about you. I would love to see the DMs they said I posted. That's false."

"Shut your scary a— up," Bregoli responded. "Imma get to you. Hide that's all imma tell you HIDE. ...I'mma beat you like a dude when I see you."

After news of the restraining order broke, Bregoli responded to the scandal on Instagram.

"You can try to hate me for responding to bullshit with more bullshit but that's just who I am and I don't apologize for none of it," Bregoli wrote in the caption. "I been in this fake ass Hollywood world for 3 1/2 years now and I've done ALOT (sic) when the whole world said I couldn't, but I refuse to become as fake as Hollywood is. Y'all can play around on your finstas but I'll always say what's on my mind as cuz that's who I am."


"Go get your restraining order," she concluded. "Imma go get checks."

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