'Reasonable Doubt': Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva Examine Questionable Convictions in Search of 'Freedom' (Exclusive)

For retired homicide detective Chris Anderson and criminal defense attorney Fatima Silva, examining questionable convictions on Reasonable Doubt is about finding freedom — if not for the convicted person, for their grieving and conflicted families. Ahead of the Season 3 premiere of Investigation Discovery's hit series on Tuesday, March 3, Anderson and Silva opened up about what makes the true crime series so different and so powerful.

"Families need answers — families who don't have resources, have money to give them answers," Silva explained of their mission to examine their caseload objectively to determine if there is hope for an appeal or simply a need for clarity in the verdict. "Our mission is to give those answers, to sit and listen, and try to listen without bias."

Chris Anderson and Fatima Silva from Reasonable Doubt
(Photo: Discovery)

With Anderson's background in law enforcement and Silva's work as a defense attorney, the duo is uniquely positioned to examine their cases from all angles and see if something might have gone wrong during the investigation and trial process.

"We don't even consider this just a show, because we are truly here to help people," Anderson explained, before Silva chimed in, "Whether there were cameras or not, this is a job. What we do, whether or not it's ever aired, what we do does bring resolve; it is a job, and these families are able to move forward."

The emotions and dedication that go into filming a single episode are impossible to fully describe, Anderson told PopCulture, recalling moments of this upcoming season that pushed both he and Silva to the brink emotionally.

"There are a lot of cases this season where, even if we didn't find that these people were wrongly convicted ... were absolutely gut wrenching," he explained. "This is the best season that we've done on Reasonable Doubt."

Silva added, "I have yet really to find a show like ours. I think when you are a lover of people and a lover of true crime, this is a show you're going to want to watch. ... You leave and you shut off your TV, you still have a warm and fuzzy feeling, because someone got freedom in some way."

Reasonable Doubt Season 3 returns to Investigation Discovery on Tuesday, March 3 at 10 p.m. ET.


Can't get enough Reasonable Doubt? Anderson and Silva will also be breaking down their findings in the upcoming Reasonable Doubt Podcast, launching next week wherever you get your favorite podcast. Going over key moments from the show with executive producer Rob Rosen, listeners will learn more about the duo's first impressions on the case, meeting the family and prison interviews as well as any bonus extra content that did not make the show or post-filming family updates.

Photo credit: Investigation Discovery