Jenni 'JWoww' Farley Claps Back at Troll's Remarks About Her Looking 'Old'

A recent selfie on Instagram from Jenni 'JWoww' Farley generated the usual amount of praise for seven-and-a-half million followers. However, the Jersey Shore alum reminded everyone that she has no patience for trolls. In the comments section, someone posed a less-than-flattering question, and InTouch Weekly noted that Farley didn't hold back.

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"Big day for me guys," Farley wrote in the post's caption. "I showered AND I actually kept my hair down for a hot date with [Illumination PR] enjoy it because I’m getting back in my sweats and putting my hair back up."

In the comments, one follower wrote: "Why does she look so old, what's happening?"

"Maybe because I don’t use bunny filters to hide my aging and the fact that I’m turning 35," she commented right back. "Like, was that supposed to offend me?"

Farley has a tendency to fire back against any crosstalk her posts generate on social media. Back in January, she posted a video of her kids getting ready for school, and when a fight broke out between the two, a flood of commenters started mom-shaming her. Which she had no patience for.

"I can reassure you, almost everyone will deal with this issue because it's called life," Farley wrote. "I posted it because it’s a brother learning boundaries with his sister but also excited to wake her for school. You, on the other hand, want to encourage problems when there are none. You want to spew negativity and just talk s— because why? Bored? Thrive not selling? Husband cheating? You go, girl!"

Teach those parents on the internet how to parent so [you] can feel good about yourself," she concluded.

Farley's son, Greyson Valor, has previously been diagnosed with autism, which has inspired Farley to use her celebrity status to get more people involved with autism awareness. When she took her son to a "sensory inclusive" Sesame Street attraction at SeaWorld Orlando.


In January, Farley shared another video of her son, where she wrote in the caption that his "progress is incredible."

"It's a lot. Some days I think 'man I push him too hard' and then I see this video and it reminds me how key early intervention is," Farley continued. "Fighting insurances everyday, fighting for the best therapies... it's worth it. At least for me."