Farrah Abraham Reveals Daughter Sophia in Bizarre, Makeup Covered Promo for New TikTok Video

On Twitter, Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham told her followers that her daughter, Sophia, would be coming out with her own song, "Bestie Best Friend," on Sunday. Although, fans couldn't help but hone in on the tweet that Abraham posted about her daughter's news, which featured the 11-year-old wearing a truly wild makeup look.

In the clip, Sophia can be seen with what appears to be a face full of dark makeup, much of which is covering her mouth. While no explanation was given about Sophia's bizarre makeup look, it seems as if she was sporting the makeup for an accompanying music video for her song. Both Abraham and Sophia discuss the youngster's upcoming track in the clip, with the Teen Mom OG star, in particular, noting how proud she is of her daughter's accomplishment.

"I love Sophia, she killed it. I love that she sees how big her voice is and how much it truly matters," Abraham says in the clip. "So, for all the moms and all the kiddos out there, have fun creating."

Abraham recently spoke with InTouch Weekly about her daughter's budding music career. During her appearance at Regard Magazine’s 10-Year Anniversary Celebrating Women in Film + Television on Thursday, the reality star told the publication that she was eagerly looking forward to the release of her daughter's first single, which premiered on Sunday.

"Her first single and music video is coming out on Sunday. She has been busy Tik-Tokking with Tik-Tokkers! I'm just so proud that I got to see my daughter grow up so much this year," Abraham said.

"I'm happy to be able to support her creative singing and dancing endeavors," she continued to tell InTouch Weekly at the event. "Her music video was produced by a collab agency. They've done a great job. I'm sure all the tweens out there are going to be dancing to it."


Back in September 2019, Abraham explained to OK! Magazine that she'll always be supportive of her daughter, even though, like any parent, she has to establish boundaries with her.

"I just try to be very supportive, understanding, but there are boundaries," the Teen Mom OG star explained. "There are things to get done and with traveling across the country, balancing school, balancing all the amazing events and opportunities, I just have to make sure we are serious and focused."