'Gold Rush' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Season 10 Is 'Do or Die' for Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets and Rick Ness

It's do or die for the Gold Rush miners as they enter into a new season with high stakes and higher hopes of striking gold. Ahead of Friday's two-hour Season 10 premiere of the hit Discovery show, PopCulture.com has a thrilling new exclusive preview of what's to come this season — and no one is walking away unscathed.

With permitting issues knocking Tony Beets, Parker Schnabel and Rick Ness off their initial plans, it's a scramble to get mining as the three work to get their claims up and running before it's too late. For Schnabel, it means the young mine boss' crew will have to work through their massive claim in just one season, making the workload "tougher" than almost any other in his career.

Meanwhile, Beets is forced to ask his former lessee to team up after their tense year fighting over royalties.

"We're gonna have to figure it out as to how we should carry on," Beets tells his family in the preview of the Eureka claim. "But for now that's it."

"Give me one good reason not to tell you to go f— yourself," Schnabel tells him.

Up in the remote mountains about historic Keno City, Ness is testing his mettle as a mine boss for a second season after breaking the rookie record for gold haul last year — and he's taking on a major risk to find some big gold and double his haul.

"I've never had this much responsibility before. I've never put, you know, my own money on the line like this," he explains in the sneak peek. "I did OK last year. I want something better than OK."

Taking to the skies to scout out some remote territory, Schnabel's former foreman admits, "This is the biggest gamble I've made. ... I mean this is like way more of a treasure hunt than any gold mining I've ever done."

Bringing home the gold they're in search of will take hard work, grit and more than a little luck.

Schabel notes, "If it were easy everybody'd be doin' it.'


The two-hour Season 10 premiere of Gold Rush kicks off Friday, Oct. 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Discovery and DiscoveryGo.

Photo credit: Discovery