'Ghost Hunters' Star Brandon Alvis Teases How Investigation Will Take Major Turn in 'Dancing With the Dead' Episode (Exclusive)

After a two-week hiatus, Ghost Hunters is back Wednesday night and its newest episode centered around a trailblazing female doctor violently murdered two blocks from the site in question, will have fans seeing a lot more than mysterious phenomena occurring. With the team led by Grant Wilson homing in on new strategies and tech to find answers and bring comfort to their client, it’s going to be a night to remember. In the sixth episode, “Dancing With the Dead,” the ghost hunters head to the Athenaeum — a cultural center in the heart of Indianapolis that ultimately turns the investigation upside down.

Following countless reports of guests alleging to have seen the doctor around the storied halls of the building, in addition to the sound of footsteps and a couple dancing in the theatre, Ghost Hunters investigator, Brandon Alvis shares with PopCulture.com exclusively what fans can expect tonight and from the sounds of it, the team is setting a precedent with a new, fresh spin on connecting to the humanity within paranormal investigations.

“Fans should be expecting the evolution of this team and how we’re just getting better and better each and every case,” Alvis shares with PopCulture.com. “And how we’re even expanding our research by doing these big experiments and using the data logger and really collecting the data that we’re setting out to collect to help the client.”

(Photo: Justin Bettman / A&E Network)

Considered one of his favorite episodes of the season thus far, the paranormal tech expert who researches every location meticulously before collecting evidence in an effort to make the study as credible as possible, reveals his favorite part of tonight’s investigation was using his skills for an experiment Wilson had suggested.

“And the fact that it worked — that’s what’s so exciting to me,” he said. “When we come into a location, we hear these claims from a client, and we think outside of the box on how are we going to try and communicate with these entities that may be there and how are we going to find that information that’s going to alleviate the fears of the client being afraid to go in the building.”

As an investigator of more than 200 cases with past paranormal groups — many which bear historical significance — Alvis admits working with and learning from Wilson and his fellow teammates is something he’s not only humbled by, but an aspect he finds rewarding as they work together to advance the paranormal field.

“We’re advancing the science of how we investigate the paranormal [and] there’s a lot of times you see just run in the mill investigations, and thinking really in the box, but we’re out there using new technology in collecting the data, the environmental data, the EVPs, the video anomalies that are really pushing this field forward,” Alvis said. “And I think we’re really stepping out of the shadow of pseudo-science and really doing some great work.”


Ghost Hunters airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on A&E.

Photo credit: Justin Bettman / A&E Network