'Teen Mom' Fans Are Shading Jenelle Evans Over Her Preparation for Hurricane Dorian

As a North Carolina resident, former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans lives in the path of Hurricane Dorian. As the hurricane moves closer to the state, Evans has asked fans for prayers and showed her support for fellow residents. However, her followers chose to throw some shade her way by bringing up her past controversies.

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Back on Monday, Evans shared a photo of Hurricane Dorian's forecast path, which shows the storm reaching the South Carolina coast by Thursday morning. Evans added several hashtags, including "Hurricane Dorian, "Pray for Bahamas," "Pray for Florida," "Pray for Georgia," "Pray for [South Carolina]" and "Pray for [North Carolina]."

Evans also shared an image promoting "Carolina Strong" and the slogan "Waters rise and so do we." She added in the hashtags "Carolina Strong" and "Hurricane Dorian."

Instead of praising Evans for caring for those other than herself, Evans' followers wondered why she did not ask for prayers sooner.

"If you cared you would have been already prepared days ago instead of bashing people online!!!" one person wrote. "Those home made pins aren't going to hold up during the storm!!!"

"Do you have proper shelter for all your animals? Or are they to fend for [themselves]?" another wrote.

"Man maybe your whole swamp will flood and you'll have [to] move," another wrote.

"I hope you already had plans for all those animals during the storm," one Instagram user wrote. "Your homemade cages and pens will not hold up. Did you think about that before getting a ton of farm animals without a barn??"

"[It's] Category 2 not 5... sit down and chill out," one person wrote, without realizing that a Category 2 hurricane still has sustained winds over 100 mph. "You seriously should've left a long time ago."

"Oh stop it's not even that serious yet," one person wrote.

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Evans has a history with hurricanes and being criticized for how she responds to them. Last year, Evans and husband David Eason rode out Hurricane Florence with three of their children. That prompted fans to criticize her for not evacuating to higher ground.

Evans' experience with Hurricane Dorian will not be featured on the next season of Teen Mom 2. MTV stopped filming Evans after Eason allegedly shot and killed their dog Nugget after it bit their daughter Ensley. The controversy resulted in the parents losing custody of their children temporarily. Columbus County, North Carolina Sheriff's Office decided not to charge Eason with animal cruelty because they could find no evidence of the dog's death. They said Evans admitted to making up the story for publicity, a claim Evans denied.


Evans' followers recently thought she was pregnant because of her most recent photos. "Not pregnant, just fat," she told fans.

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