Todd Chrisley: FBI Agents Now Involved in Alleged Sex Tape Extortion

The ongoing drama surrounding reality show dad Todd Chrisley and his family continues to take several plot twists. Amid an ongoing tax evasion scandal that rocked Chrisley in recent weeks, the reality star has also been dealing with some serious allegations from his estranged daughter.

From there, the story has taken a few twists according to TMZ. That includes the addition of a former Bachelorette contestant and the intervention of the FBI.

Lindsie Chrisley recently made the accusations that her father and brother, Chase Chrisley, were extorting her. The pair were doing this using an alleged sex tape featuring Lindsie Chrisey and The Bachelorette season 12 star Robby Hayes according to TMZ.

But Hayes seems to be hitting back and getting federal authorities involved by claiming he has evidence against the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch and son that shows they were allegedly "coercing" the couple according to TMZ.

The evidence handed over to the FBI includes text messages and other correspondence that support Lindsie Chrisley's claims about her father and brother. The Bachelorette star told TMZ that he has already submitted an affidavit and answered questions from federal prosecutors. They also add that FBI agents are seeking Hayes to speak to him.

"At this point, this is all frustrating and this sex tape situation has been held over my head before," Hayes told TMZ. "Hopefully all wrongdoings come to light."

The outlet adds that Chrisley filed a police report against her father and brother earlier in August, making the claim about the extortion and claiming they were asking her to lie under oath about the tax evasion case. The Chrisley daughter has also submitted her own evidence, including a tweet from her father using the hashtag [thanks god for puppy cams].

As TMZ points out, Hayes has claimed that he and Lindsie Chrisley did not intentionally make any videos.

"We did not make a sex tape. I'm not sitting there with a camera ... like, we got caught on the security camera, basically. It was a puppy camera in her friend's living room," Hayes said according to TMZ.

Federal authorities reportedly got ahold of the puppy cam in question but its owner claimed no alleged tape exists.

Chase Chrisley responded through a representative by saying there is no sex tape or extortion threats, adding that he and Hayes are "friends."


Todd Chrisley has also said he will cooperate with authorities and noted that he has "nothing to hide."

As TMZ points out, Lindsie Chrisley is open to a relationship with her family despite the drama. That said, she did hire personal security in recent weeks after filing the police report.