'Little Women: LA' Star Terra Jole Talks 'Animosity' Stemming From Also Executive Producing the Show (Exclusive)

Terra Jolé is opening up about the "tough balance" between being both the Executive Producer and star of Little Women: LA, revealing that it's not always easy working on and off the camera with these women she's known for years on an upcoming episode of Erica and Melissa Eckman's Share Your Shine podcast. In an exclusive preview of Terra's interview, debuting Monday, the reality personality reveals what goes on behind-the-scenes of the hit Lifetime show (produced by Kinetic Content) when it comes to her production career.

When asked about the "tough balance" of wearing both hats when it comes to making Little Women: LA, Terra responds, "I know that there has been some animosity in the past but at the end of the day, Kinetic [Content], the production company, has been very professional with keeping it separate, and I think that has made everything a lot easier when it comes to handling on-screen versus any kind of executive producer [duties]."

Bringing together Elena Gant, Tonya Banks, Jasmine Sorge, Christy Gibel and even newcomers like Mika Winkler has been such an organic experience, Terra notes.

"I think that it was a long time coming, but more so it's not even about the EP side of it, it's about the on-screen," she explains. "We were all girlfriends before this show ever started. And I think that's what makes it rich and that's what makes it different than the other shows that you see out there."

"I think that was the easiest part for me was casting friends and enemies," she continues, laughing while admitting, "I never thought I would give so many of my enemies a job."

Being so close with all the women she's working with definitely makes the drama easy to come by, she adds: "I don't dislike anyone. We're around these people since we were very young, and so we definitely know all the ins and outs of what it's like to hit them where it hurts kind of thing."


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Photo credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images