'Mama June' Shannon Could Reportedly Lose WEtv Show Over Troublesome Behavior

"Mama June" Shannon's trouble continues to grow in the wake of her arrest for drug possession back in March, starting a chain reaction that has led to her daughter leaving her home and now her television career being threatened according to TMZ.

Due to her "troublesome" and "off-the-rails" actions in recent months, WE tv is reportedly debating severing ties with the reality star. Sources told TMZ that the show's producers are trying to get Mama June help, urging her to go to rehab and get better.

They've also not given up on the reality star on a personal level according to TMZ, but there is no filming for Season 4 of Mama June: From Not to Hot until she moves into a more positive mindset.

The network had no comment about the future of their relationship with Mama June but the reality star is not doing her part to calm fears over her future. Not only has daughter Honey Boo Boo refused to return home while she is still dating boyfriend Geno Doak, Mama June and Doak have also acted erratically in the months following their arrest.

A recent video showing Mama June and Doak painted a dark picture for the couple as they seem to be selling items from their home as rumors spread that the couple is hurting for money.

As TMZ notes, the video shared earlier in the week shows June and Doak "rambling" about a massage chair and giving shots of their home in disarray and barren as they've seemingly sold their stuff.

The outlet also notes that some potential buyers have alleged they saw "needles or syringes" around the bedroom in the home.

Despite the strange video, TMZ notes that the sale seems to be going well and Mama June can be seen holding a wad of money, with a $20 visible. This news follows reports that Honey Boo Boo had blocked her mother from accessing her money, leaving Mama June to look for options.

Mama June and Doak have been spotted in a variety of troubling situations since their arrest. While a judge ruled Doak to stay away from the reality star in the days following their arrest, both were spotted soon after at an Alabama casino overnight. There were even rumors that Mama June had moved into a casino at one point, raising questions about her home life and more.

On top of that, video captured Doak crashing his truck into the garage of Mama June's home with the reality star appearing in the driveway to help her boyfriend, apparently under the influence, into the house.


Mama June's family has said that Doak is a poor influence on her and has her trapped in a "mental prison." These allegations are made even more troubling by appearances that Mama June is seemingly unaware of her troubles or doesn't care.

Mama June: From Not to Hot wrapped up its season back in May. Its return to WE tv is up in the air at this time.