'Biggest Loser' Reboot Will Be Hosted by Bob Harper

The Biggest Loser reboot officially has a new host, but fans will definitely recognize him as a familiar face. Bob Harper, who served as a trainer in 16 seasons of the show before taking over as host for the final season, was announced to be returning to the revival on Friday's episode of Today.

The Biggest Loser is coming back!” Harper announced. “We are so excited about this reboot," adding that the show will be "bigger and better than ever.”

Since its end in 2016, The Biggest Loser has faced a lot of criticism for promoting possibly unhealthy dieting and exercise practices in the clients looking to win the grand prize. But Harper revealed the reboot, airing on USA next year, will focus more on changing the contestants' lifestyle, both during the show and after.

“Whenever you talk about weight loss, it’s going to always be controversial, always,” he said. “But what we really want to do is, we’re trying to approach it in a completely different way. We want to help them while they’re on the show, and when they go home. The aftercare is going to be super important for them too, because you come on to our show and you’re learning so much, and then whenever it’s time to go home it can be a really hard adjustment.”

Coming at the reboot with a whole new perspective after suffering a heart attack in 2017 caused by a heart blockage known as the "widowmaker," Harper emphasized that he will be able to empathize even more with the competitors this time around.

“It’s been a big adjustment,” he said of life recovering from the heart attack. “That’s why I’m so excited to come back on to The Biggest Loser, because I related to those contestants way more than I’d ever related to them because I went from being this CrossFitter, working out so hard every day, to not being able to walk around a city block without getting winded.”


“I really want to bring my recovery onto the show, because I know what they’re going through,” he said. “It is a struggle and you just do the best that you can, but I feel great.”

Photo credit: Andrew Toth/Getty Images


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