Beth Chapman's Daughter Cecily Is Still Having Trouble Processing Her Mom's Death: 'I Wake up Every Morning Thinking It’s Still Not Real'

Beth Chapman's death is still lingering over her family, as her daughter Cecily revealed on Instagram. On Saturday, Cecily, 26, posted a throwback photo of her mother before her passing. Chapman is shown smiling and cheerful, but Cecily revealed that she herself has not been too cheery since she passed.

(Photo: Instagram / @cecilybeezee)

Cecily, who is Chapman's daughter from a previous marriage, opened up about how she wakes up forgetting that the Dog the Bounty Hunter star has passed.

"I wait patiently for you to visit me in my dreams, haven’t seen you yet," Cecily wrote. I wake up every morning thinking it’s still not real. People say I was your rock but you were mine we did everything together. I still can’t see my life without you in it!"

Cecily was comforted by commenters, including two family members: sister Bonnie Chapman and sister-in-law Jamie Pilar.

"Love you sissy, I haven’t seen her either," Bonnie wrote. "She’s probably just trying to think of the words to tell us."

"She loves you and will always love you," Pilar, who is married to Leland Chapman, wrote. "Even when you can’t see her, I assure you she’s there with you. Don’t ever think she isn’t."

Fan also chimed in to share their own stories of loss and how they see their loved all around them.

"When my sister passed away suddenly, it was a loss that hurt so deep I was unable to breathe," one supporter wrote. "After some time, I wrote her a letter and poured my heart out. I asked her to send me a sign that she was OK. I asked for sunflowers, her favorite flower. Within a week out of nowhere a beautiful plant was growing in my yard that I had not planted. It grew very fast and it bloomed, a sunflower! I will never forget that day, I took pictures and felt her presence (I still do). The plant never grew back, but that is ok she is in the other side waiting for me."


Another added, "Dear don't give up on dreams, I see me dad often in dreams he past 5 years ago my mom 8 months later. Although I dream of my dad often only 2 dreams of my mom in 5 years. Hold on to them when you have them they are special moments. God bless you and the Chapman family."

Chapman passed away on June 26 after a long battle with throat cancer.


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