Duane 'Dog' Chapman Shares Warning for Fugitives in Post 'Without Beth'

Duane "Dog" Chapman has shared a warning for fugitives in a new Instagram post "without Beth." In the post, Chapman shared a photo of bearded biker with the text that reads, "Don't piss off old people. The older we get the less 'life in prison' is a deterrent." In the post's caption, Chapman wrote, "Fugitives beware," and the referred to his upcoming new reality series Dog’s Most Wanted. He also added the following hashtags: #dogwithoutbeth #dogsmostwanted #wgnamerica #makeamericasafeagain #Godsgangstas.

As fans know, Beth passed away last month after a lengthy battle with throat cancer.

Before she passed, however, she participated in filming for the new series.

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Over this past weekend, the Chapman family held a public memorial service for Beth in their home state of Colorado. During the Celebration of Life event, Chapman spoke ofhis late wife, saying, "I cannot believe that she's gone. This is not possible, I want to wake up from a dream."

"She will never be dead to me. She is in another place," he added, then sharing that Dog's Most Wanted will continue as planned, and that it will be in her memory. "I'm gonna get to heaven and make her proud. She's gonna say, like she said here, 'That's my man right there, that’s big daddy right there.'

Chapman then opened up about how Beth as doing ahead of her death, revealing, “She lost a lot of weight, she was down to 119 [lbs.]. She said, ‘Please big daddy, please let me go.’ I said, ‘No, I can’t. I’m not gonna let you go.’ I still haven’t let her go. If there’s a God, He won’t let me live that long without her.”

The reality TV star later also made a plea to the audience that they make the most of the time they have with their loved ones, saying, “If you’re beefin’ with your old lady, stop and kiss her right now. Because you’re gonna feel so bad when he or her are not with you anymore."

The couple's daughter Bonnie also delivered a speech during the memorial service, sharing how she was feeling in the wake of her mother's death.


"I’ve never imagined I would lose my mom at 20,” Bonnie said. “I never imagined walking down the aisle without her or her not judging my dress. I never imagined a life without her, it’s really tough now being without her. I’m so thankful she was able to share her life and our family’s life with all of you. The world isn’t going to be the same without my mother.”

Beth Chapman was 51 years old at the time of her death.


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