'Dog the Bounty Hunter': Leland Chapman's Wife Jamie Pilar Shows off 'New House, New Decor' on Instagram

While the news has been dark for the Chapman clan lately, the family seems to be trying to find the happy moments to hold onto as they continue on. While Jamie Pilar Chapman has spent a lot of time remembering the late Beth Chapman on social media, she is now taking some time to breathe in her own personal life.

That includes her relationship with husband Leland Chapman and their home, which got a little makeover recently apparently.

Chapman shared a look at her new bedroom decor, celebrating moving into her new home. She shared two looks at the bedspread, with an animal skin sprawled across the bed, a trio of pillows at the head supporting an elegant headboard with a Victorian mirror above it all.

(Photo: Jamie Chapman/Instagram)

"New house. New decor. Breaking out the gold Victorian mirror collection," Chapman captioned the first shot on her Instagram Story.

She then uploaded another angle on the bed, giving a look at another mirror and revealing what was missing from the setup.

"Still waiting on my pillow cases to come in. Other than that, I’m super stoked on how our room looks!" she wrote alongside the photo.

(Photo: Jamie Chapman/Instagram)

As noted above, Chapman has been sharing her own personal memories of Beth Chapman before gushing over her home decorating skills. A series of posts from the daughter-in-law highlighted her relationship with Beth and how her end of the family was dealing with the loss.

One interesting post she shared involved a tough love lesson shared by the late Chapman matriarch.

"Beth taught me my first tough love experience when I joined the family," she wrote. "As we know, sometimes when Mrs. C shows tough love, she can throw in a few extra punches just for good measure. Through it all, she still told me I had a place in this family and I didn’t need to fight for it. I needed that. And in this moment I realized how much I was going to need her in my life.⁣

"I tried so so hard during this moment not to cry," she wrote later after praising the existence of the photo. "I was trembling to keep the tears back. I replay it in my mind all the time."

She has also shared some love for husband Leland on her social account, offering a glimpse inside their relationship and how it seems to be stronger in the face of the tragedy the family is dealing with.


"I hope you know how much I truly love you," she wrote on the photo of her embracing Leland, tagging him in the process.

Fans are hopeful to see the couple at Beth Chapman's Colorado memorial next week. The pair missed out on the Hawaii celebration, but should have an easier time attending in Colorado given their home is in Alabama.