'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Reveals Her Frontrunners So Far

Hannah Brown is down to the last 15 guys on Season 15 of The Bachelorette, but two of them are catching her full attention: Jed and Connor S.

"I had a one-on-one with Jed yesterday and we had a great time," the 24-year-old told ET. "I also have really enjoyed Connor S., we've had some time together, and there's a few other ones that are really up there too."

Connor S. — who's made it clear he's here for Brown — said he wouldn't mind becoming The Bachelor if things didn't work out between them because he's ready for that next step.

"I'm definitely ready [for marriage]," Connor admitted. "My parents have been married for 37 years. My oldest brother is married and has a kid and my sister and brother both have both have significant others as well, so I think I want to find that person to spend my life with."

"Hannah's my interest right now," he continued. "She's amazing and I definitely want to get to know her better and see if there's a future with us. But down the road, if that's a possibility, if thing's don't work out, definitely."

The former Miss Alabama admitted that while these two guys are definitely sitting at the top of her list, there's a few others that are up there as well.

"Those are two that I've had a lot more time with and really go to know their hearts, so I'm really excited about continuing on with them," she said. "And then there are a few other men here that I'm really interested to get to know more about and spend more time with."

Despite the controversy surrounding Luke P. and the rest of the contestants, Brown seems to genuinely be interested in him regardless of what she's been told by the others.

"Luke P. has always, like, definitely made sure that he has shown that he's here for me," she admitted. "So we always have good conversation throughout the day and I'm always really excited about that relationship too."

In this week's episode, Luke P. and Luke S. got into a fight after Luke P. body slammed Luke S. to the ground during the rugby game. After that, the entire episode revolved around the Luke vs. Luke battle, even causing Brown to cry before her one-on-one date with Tyler C. At the end of the episode, she pulled both Lukes aside to to have them discuss — in front of her — what is going on between them, as she's torn on which way to lean.

Despite that drama, Brown is still hopeful she'll find true love at the end of this. Someone else catching her attention is Garrett.


"Let me tell you something, my Bama boy, Garrett, he is getting after it," she mentioned of the pro golfer from Birmingham, Alabama. "It's in our blood, you know, to be champions so ... [I'm] very impress with Garrett.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m ET on ABC.


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