'Alaskan Bush People' Daughter Rain Brown Encourages Fans to Ditch Mass-Produced Products

Alaskan Bush People's youngest star is making a pledge to change her lifestyle to help the planet.

Saturday, Rain Brown, 16, took to Instagram to encourage her followers to think more about the environmental footprint they leave by using mass-produced products while admitting she was looking to de-clutter her life in the process.

Rain Brown
(Photo: Instagram/Rain Brown)

"Hey everyone! I just wanted to talk about something I’m doing to help benefit our planet and the beautiful people inside it!" she captioned a smiling selfie. "Moving all over these past few years has gathered up quite a bit of clutter in my day to day life, so I’ve decided to donate throw away and just all around clean up a lot of my things! Including using less mass produced products. Part of living in the Bush is also taking care of it!"

Thanking the Discovery Channel for its environmental efforts, she concluded, "I encourage you guys to also [win for Earth] and do something even if it’s small that will benefit not only the world around us but our world as well."

The reality personality is easily the most active Brown sibling on social media, where she has been open about her mom Ami's health struggles and her own mental health journey throughout. She even addressed longtime claims from critics who accused the show of being faked in a recent series of videos, slamming people who call her family liars for broadcasting their unusual lifestyle.

"So, like, I get a lot of things and a lot of comments and messages and things like saying, 'I've read this; I've heard this from this person this must be this,'" she began, adding that it was a real "pet peeve" of hers to receive these messages.

She added if it's not something fans see in the show or in a direct interview with a publication, "odds are it's probably not true."

"People love to impersonate us, and people love to say the thing that I've worked my tail off for almost eight years for is fake," the Discovery personality continued, "and honestly, it's really annoying. Because when you're out there and if you're living that life, and you used to live that life and people are like, 'That was fake, that is fake, you never did that,' it's like, but I did!"


"So it's not fake, it's just filmed and broadcasted on TV," she explained. "So it can't be life, you know, it's not the news; it's not a live show. It's a TV show. So whatever you think of that, that's how it [is]."

Photo credit: Instagram/Rain Brown