'Big Brother' Names New Head of Household After Intense Eviction

It's Haleigh Broucher's turn to take charge of the Big Brother house! The former Hacker Competition winner was named Head of Household in Thursday's episode of the CBS reality series, giving them the power during the second week of the twist she just won.

After Bayleigh Dayton was evicted in a backdoor scheme sparked by Haleig's anonymous Hacker Competition victory, which put a target on her best friend's back and led to a fight between Queen Bay and Tyler Crispen unlike anything the players had seen this season, the house was shaken to its core.

Haleigh, for one, wasn't about to tell what she had done.

"As a game player I am in far too deep, I have made far too big of a move, so at this point I will take this lie with me until I step out of the Big Brother house," she told the camera before her conscience got the best of her and she ended up outing herself to the house. But when Bayleigh exploded on Tyler for throwing her "under the bus" by declaring flippantly he still planned to vote for her, she basically signed and sealed her own eviction notice.

It was then time for the new Head of Household to take charge during a hashtag-themed challenge that tested the players' memories and speed. So when Haleigh took control of that game, it was the second week in a row she would be able to craft how things were going in the house.

Fans were thrilled to see the soft-spoken player get her time in the spotlight.


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Photo credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS