'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Rumored to Be Quitting Because of Jenelle Evans

Is Chelsea Houska quitting Teen Mom 2 over mounting tension with fellow cast member Jenelle Evans? That's the latest rumored development on the MTV reality show, as Houska and fans alike complain that she gets a secondhand treatment from the network and producers compared to Evans.

For example, during last week's Teen Mom 2 reunion filming in New York, Houska was forced to do an interview via Skype after she left taping early. Meanwhile, Evans, who skipped the reunion altogether, did an in-person interview with Dr. Drew, who MTV flew to her North Carolina home.

That, combined with other complaints Houska has aired previously, point to a rumored exit for the mom.

The Ashley reported Monday that "Chelsea was particularly upset" over the VIP treatment Evans got from MTV.

“They paid to fly an entire crew to Jenelle and essentially built a set there for her to film because she refused to go to the last reunion. But apparently they didn’t think Chelsea was important enough to do that for. They simply set up a Skype call between her and Drew– that happened while he was in North Carolina to film with Jenelle!" a source told The Ashley.

“It made it so obvious who the show’s producers and the network value more!” the source added.

Evans defended herself after fans took to Twitter to complain about the situation.

"Chelsea, Leah, and Kail should stick to their storylines they maybe they wouldn’t get caught up into drama like I’m steering away from," she said. "They paid thousands for these girls and then they quit and leave? Do your job ladies. Mind your business," Evans wrote earlier this week.

She continued, "Everyone is mad but this was NOT my request from the beginning. Larry asked me if I was willing to film a separate segment like [Farrah Abraham], so I said sure. They offered to come to me I said sure. I did NOT demand a damn thing and woke up early just like everyone else. Done by 8pm."

Later, Evans seemed to admit she didn't want to go to the reunion anyway. A fan wrote back to her suggesting her husband, fired cast member David Eason, was too controlling to let her go to New York alone, and Evans shot back.

"No, because I wasn’t about to go and be cornered into a wall by b—es without my husband present," Evans replied.

Meanwhile, Houska let her unfiltered opinions about the reality TV series fly in May, complaining that the show focuses more on the drama between cast mates than motherhood.

"If I don’t see more of @ChelseaHouska next episode..... I’m going on strike 😭 #TeenMom2" one fan tweeted during a May episode. Houska saw the tweet and responded with a message of her own.


"Im almost positive that I’m barely in the next one too lol didn’t you know teen mom 2 isn’t actually even about being a mom anymore?!" she wrote.

Houska, who is expecting her third child overall, but her second child with husband Cole DeBoer, announced in March they were expecting a baby girl. Despite Houska providing fans with pregnancy updates on social media, the show doesn't seem as interested as keeping up with her pregnancy as it does the drama between Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus.