'Jersey Shore’ Personality Vinny Guadagnino Has Lost 50 Lbs. as the 'Keto Guido'

If you've followed any Jersey Shore-related news over the past few months, then you're likely aware that cast member Vinny Guadagnino has gone full keto, following the ketogenic diet and proclaiming himself the "Keto Guido."

The ketogenic method of eating promotes a diet extremely low in carbs, moderate in proteins and high in healthy fats, putting your body in ketosis and allowing it to burn fat for energy instead of carbs. As a result of following the diet, Guadagnino has lost 50 pounds, and proponents also point to increased energy, mental clarity and other benefits as positive side effects of the plan.

To let fans follow him on his journey, Guadagnino created a second Instagram account, @ketoguido, where he shares his meals, tips and plenty of selfies to inspire others to give keto a try.

In a post on March 8, the reality personality wrote that he had discovered the "fountain of youth."

"When I ate sugars and grains I was 50lbs heavier and looked 10 years older," he shared. "I look around and feel sad and angry for the majority of the population who are overweight and obese that have been taught to eat grains, use 'healthy' margarines and oils, drink diet soda with artificial sweeteners, and stay away from saturated fats. This is why I started this page. To take away the stigma that saturated animal fat clogs your arteries and instead teach people the truth: sugars and grains will cause diseases and obesity before anything else."

In his first post on the account in October, the Jersey Shore Family Vacation cast member shared a photo of his own body transformation.

vinny keto
(Photo: Instagram / @ketoguido)

"These are MY results," he wrote. "Everyone's body is different, but I do believe this way of eating will help the majority of people lose weight and be healthy. I started this page to help people who WANT to learn more about this. And share my findings with those that do."

In addition to sharing his own results, Guadagnino often shares his own keto meals to inspire others who may find eating keto a bit challenging. The reality personality promotes foods like whole eggs, vegetables and a variety of proteins, though he noted in an October post that consumed protein "should be organic /grass fed/ antibiotic free/ wild caught / pasture raised/ free ranged as much as possible."

"The quality of the food matters just as much as what you’re eating," he explained.

Despite his healthy lifestyle, the 30-year-old noted that he does let himself indulge in his favorite foods on occasion.


"I think a great happy-medium to being healthy and looking great is that you live a keto way of life 98% of the time and once a week throw in a meal that you could enjoy," he wrote in December. "It’s a reward, gives you something to look forward to, resets your hormones, and after you eat it you’ll never be more motivated to get back in the gym and back on your diet. This my friends (no pun intended) is having your cake and eating it too."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @ketoguido