Katy Perry Takes Nasty Spill, Laughs off Wardrobe Malfunction on 'American Idol'

Katy Perry will be the first to admit she didn't get to the top of the pop music game by her impressive dance skills. The 33-year-old American Idol judge gladly demonstrated that on Monday's episode of the rebooted singing competition, falling in her heels and mini dress and acquainting herself much faster with fellow judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie than she expected.

After contestant Michelle Susset invited the judges to get up and dance during her energetic audition, Perry toppled over in her sequined dress, exposing her crotch to the camera and fellow judges.

The classic American Idol censor graphic hovered over Perry's bottom as she laid on the floor and jokingly struggled to get up.

"Oh dear god," Bryan exclaimed as Susset received a golden ticket, "There are things a man can't unsee."

(Photo: ABC)

"Some things you have to do for the business," Richie said as he used his body to block Perry's backside from the cameras.

Perry kept up the self-deprecating humor throughout the episode, joking with Bryan and Richie that she was "looking for a date."

"She's using the show as eHarmony," laughed Bryan. "We gotta get you one of those good ol' boys, Katy, you keep dating them damn weirdos."

After giving one Idol contestant his first kiss during Sunday's episode, the "I Kissed a Girl" songstress took quite a liking to the California "dreamboat" Trevor Holmes, who admitted to having a lifelong crush on her.

"You are so hot," Perry said, as Holmes talked about his job in construction and earning money to help his mother who suffers from lupus.

"Are you engaged?" she asked the 27-year-old, who said that he has a girlfriend.

Perry kept up with flirtatious attitude with a couple of other contestants who made it through to Hollywood, including one hopeful named William Casanova who said he "sells shoes to beautiful women."

"I used to have weird feet, but I took care of them and now they look great, some of the internet's best," Perry told the 26-year-old. After Casanova auditioned, Perry delivered his golden ticket wedged between her toes with her leg hiked onto the judges' desk.

(Photo: ABC)

"What do you think of these pretty little feet?" she asked.

"I could kiss them right now," grinned Casanova.


Sunday's premiere episode of the newly rebooted singing competition helped ABC belt out a 40-month high in the ratings. In its first outing since its series finale on Fox in April 2016, Idol delivered ABC an average 2.3 key demo rating and 10.3 million viewers over its two-hour premiere. In comparison, the final season of competition's run on Fox average 9.3 million viewers and a 2.25 key demo rating, TV Line reports.

The numbers may not be enough to give NBC's The Voice a run for its money, but they are a solid start for the rebooted series, bringing ABC its best rating since at least November 2014 and its largest audience since October 2012.