Brielle Biermann Speaks out in Wake of Gun Backlash

Brielle Biermann hit back at haters who say she shouldn’t be able to own a gun.

Kim Zolciak’s daughter was gifted a custom-made Glock 43, complete with a rose gold slide, by her mom and dad Kroy Biermann for her 21st birthday last month.

Her birthday fell just days following the Parkland, Florida, school shooting, leading many to criticize the perhaps ill-timed present and Brielle’s ability to carry it.

But the Don’t Be Tardy personality told TMZ on Monday that she isn’t concerned about packing heat — or what haters think of her family’s decision.

“I think it’s fine to have a gun as long as you’re mentally stable,” she said during a stop at LAX. “I think the rules and regulations to getting one need to be a little bit more than what they are now.”

Brielle said she wanted to have a gun because she is leaving her parents’ home and wants to feel protected.

“I’m moving out on my own, I don’t want to live without a gun. I’m scared of my own f—ing shadow,” she said of her upcoming plans.

And for those who criticized the timing of the gift in relation to a school shooting that left 17 people dead, Brielle said she can’t help it that “my birthday happened a week later.”

“[Kroy] bought it before the incident. He bought it before and had it custom made. It took a while,” she argued, explaining that her father did not buy the handgun after the fatal shooting by 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz.

When Brielle opened her 21st birthday gift — which she documented on Snapchat — she didn’t seem to be expecting the rose gold weapon.

“Look Kash gave me his present!” Brielle said in a video for followers which showed her 5-year-old brother handing her a box covered in Disney wrapping paper. “Should I open it?"

Upon opening the Glock 43, Brielle seemed surprised and replied to her little brother, “It’s a gun? You bought me a gun?”

“No, he did! Right there!” Kash explained, seemingly pointing to Kroy, who adopted Brielle after he married Zolciak in 2011. (He also adopted her 16-year-old daughter Ariana, and in addition to Kash the couple are parents to KJ, 6, and 4-year-old twins Kaia and Kane.)

The reaction to the gift was swift and harsh, with many claiming that the parents did it just for the "attention" or that Brielle should learn how to properly handle it before using it.

"That girl is a complete fool I totally see her shooting herself by accident," one person wrote. Another added, "In light of recent events, they should have kept this off social media.”

"This is why we need stricter gun laws. This was a gift given to probably one of the most irresponsible people on reality tv," one critical follower wrote on Twitter.

But Brielle and her family seem to be shaking off the haters as the 21-year-old insists she knows what she’s doing.


The Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member's gift to her daughter may have been slammed as ill-timed in light of the Parkland school shooting, but she also made headlines for proactively buying her children bulletproof backpacks following the attack.

“I just asked Kroy what can we do as parents to protect our children everyday in this crazy sad world,” Zolciak, 39, captioned an Instagram photo of a $114.29 Guard Dog Security backpack. “He said, ‘best thing we could do for now is get bullet proof book bags.’ You know I just did! It’s better than not having anything at all. Just thought I would share with you guys. I just found this first on Amazon so I bought it. It’s certified.”