'Teen Mom 2' Dad David Eason Reportedly Seeing Estranged Son Despite Abuse Allegations

Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason has reportedly been allowed a visit with his young son Kaden, despite the ongoing custody battle, according to a report by Radar Online.

The outlet learned from insiders that Eason has been scheduled for a visit with his son for the first time since November. The judge decided that they should see each other on Saturday, March 3, despite the protest of Kaden's mother.

According to court documents obtained by the outlet, Eason's ex, Olivia Leedham, has kept Kaden away from his father for nearly five months due to a breech of their parenting agreement. Eason posted a picture of the young boy on social media, which his mother felt was a poor choice, especially because of his high-profile status as a reality star.

Leedham filed documents calling Eason unfit to parent their son, and alleging he had physically abused her during her pregnancy. “The defendant refused to remove the photos, advised Plaintiff that he intended to continue to post pictures of the child and that she needed to ‘get over it,’” the documents read.

In the same filings, Leedham expressed her fear for Jenelle Evans' safety.

“Based on her prior experience with the Defendant, or observations from the media, and her recent interactions with him, the Plaintiff is concerned that domestic violence is likely to occur between Defendant and Ms. Evans, especially in front of the minor child," it reads.

The same source told reporters that Evans was infuriated by these claims.

“All of Olivia’s accusations are based off TV. Jenelle only met her 3 times and she doesn’t know anything about Jenelle or her relationship,” the source said. They went on to confirm that the meeting between Eason and his son is going forward on Saturday.

“She kept Kaden from him since November. But he will be visiting with Kaden for the first time since then,” they said.


Afterward, Eason and Leedham will reportedly attend a mandatory mediation session to settle the custody battle at last. If they can come to an agreement there, the court case will be resolved.

Eason has been on thin ice after getting fired from Teen Mom 2 for making homophobic comments online. He and Evans have also been labelled "insensitive" for their responses to the Parkland, Florida school shooting.