'Property Brothers' Want to Enlist Chip Gaines After End of 'Fixer Upper'

Could Chip Gaines become another Property Brother? Jonathan and Drew Scott of Property Brothers joked Tuesday that they were thinking about bringing on the HGTV star after Fixer Upper ends after this season.

“We thought about casting Chip [Gaines] as the brother from another mother,” Jonathan jokingly told Us Weekly.

“But … with another baby on the way, uh,” he added.

Chip and wife Joanna Gaines announced they were expecting their fifth child on Jan. 2 after announcing the end of their show this fall. In September, the couple told Huffington Post that they were ending their hit series to spend more time with their family, even before announcing their pregnancy.

"For people, they think there's got to be a reason, like, 'Oh, something bad happened and therefore that's why they're leaving the show.' I think it's just hard for people to comprehend, no, we're just leaving because it's right instinctively for us and our family. No negative reason," Joanna told The Huffington Post.

While the Gaineses will be taking time for their family, the Scott twins have been keeping busy with their work on HGTV, Drew's stint on Dancing with the Stars and with charitable works like Habitat for Humanity.

“We enjoy doing it, we don’t see ourselves stepping back from helping families,” Drew said. “Like what we’re doing with Habitat … and [we] want to do more on the charitable side. Some of the different things.”

“We just try to get naps in wherever we can,” Jonathan chimed in.

“Yeah we definitely have taken more control over our schedule and what we’re doing, but we love producing … We do almost 50 hours of original programming a year,” Drew told Us.

“And that’s just shows that we’re in as hosts!” Jonathan added.

The two are definitely stretched thin however, especially with Drew planning his destination wedding to fiancée Linda Phan planned for May 2018.

Despite the twins' busy shooting schedule, the wedding won't be broadcast on TV.

“This will be the most important day of my life and that whole week together with family and friends will be so important. We just want to spend time with them. … We’re not doing any filming,” he explained to Us Weekly in November.

“Basically, I am going to be shooting it on my iPhone and I will sell it.” Phan joked.

The two are also hoping to dedicate their honeymoon to a charitable cause.

“What Linda and I are into, what we love, is not just a resort and sitting and drinking by a beach. I’m not really into that,” Scott said. “We actually love doing charitable campaigns, that is why we were just in Kenya. We did a bit with the WE organization and Habitat for Humanity and World Vision. As a part of our honeymoon, we want to do another trek somewhere overseas and bring some awareness to some of the initiatives that we’re passionate about.”

Photo credit: Instagram / @joannagaines