'Smallville' Star Allison Mack Apologizes to People She Hurt Through NXIVM Cult Ahead of Sentencing

Smallville star and convicted racketeer Allison Mack issued a public apology on Wednesday for her part in the "cult-like group" Nxivm. Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering charges, and she is due in court on Wednesday for a sentencing hearing, according to a report by CNN. Beforehand, she and her attorneys released an open letter apologizing for her actions.

Mack pleaded guilty to racketeering and racketeering conspiracy charges back in 2019, and prosecutors are reportedly hoping to put her behind bars for up to 17 and a half years. She was a leader in the Albany-based company Nxivm, which promised "self-help" classes but actually manipulated, abused and extorted its customers. Mack apologized for all of this in her letter on Wednesday.

"I am sorry to those of you that I brought into Nxivm," Mack wrote. "I am sorry I ever exposed you to the nefarious and emotionally abusive schemes of a twisted man."

Nxivm was advertised as a self-help service run by women and for women, but in actuality, it was created by Keith Raniere — the "twisted man" Mack referred to. Raniere was convicted last year and sentenced to 120 years in prison. Both prosecutors and Mack's attorneys acknowledged the "substantial help" she gave in ensuring that conviction.

Mack was one of the high-ranking members of Raniere's company known as a "first-line master." She was among the few who knew that Raniere was really in charge of Nxivm, and she was responsible for recruiting other women as her "slaves." Among other things, these women were often instructed to have sex with Raniere or send him nude photographs.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation from the Nxivm cases has been the "branding ceremonies," where members were coerced into "asking to be branded" with the initials of Raniere, Mack or other "front-line masters." Mack provided prosecutors with a recording of a conversation about this ceremony she had with Raniere.

"The person should ask to be branded," Raniere is heard saying in the audio. "And they should probably say that before they're held down, so it doesn't seem like they are being coerced."


Prosecutors are recommending a sentence of between 14 years and 17 and a half years for Mack thanks to her cooperation on this case. Her attorneys are stressing that she has "turned her life around" since her arrest over three years ago. Her sentencing is scheduled for the afternoon of Wednesday, June 30.