Duck Dynasty Creators Strike Back Against Fraud Lawsuit

Duck Dynasty creators Deirdre and Scott Gurney were targetted by a lawsuit on Friday by ITV studio, claiming the duo were responsible for fraud, self-dealing, and misappropriated funds in hopes of driving up the worth of their share of Gurney Productions. The brothers aren't going to take these claims lying down and have fired off a counter suit to dispute claims of impropriety.

Speaking on behalf of the brothers, Attorney Michael E. Weinsten says, "This is a blatant, desperate attempt at intimidation by ITV, a classic greedy corporate grab, solely for the purpose of enriching one shareholder at the expense of the founders who built this company into the highly valued, sustained financial success story that it is."

Weinstein explains, "The claims against the Gurneys are completely baseless and fraught with contradictions, inconsistencies and outright falsehoods. My clients are considering all of their legal options and are preparing to respond accordingly."

There are disputes over how much say in Gurney Productions the brothers would have going forward, but a source close to the pair claim believe they have a legal right to be involved in the operations, as they are still board members.

[H/T The Hollywood Reporter]


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