Watch: Elton John Breaks Down in Tears After Ending Concert Early Due to Pneumonia

Elton John is currently battling walking pneumonia, and his struggles were so prominent that he had to prematurely end his Sunday concert at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, New Zealand. As footage of John leaving the stage shows, it was a highly emotional decision that brought the 72-year-old singer to tears.

As footage shows, John ends his performance and stands up to bid the audience farewell. He soon tears up, moving his hand to his face as he cries. He even lowers his head and leans on his piano for a moment. He was then offstage by stagehands. The crowd can be heard cheering for the rock 'n' roll icon throughout the emotional moment.

After leaving the stage, John tweeted out a message to his fans about his departure, which occurred 14 songs into his typical 25-song setlist.

"I want to thank everyone who attended the #EltonFarewellTour gig in Auckland tonight," John wrote. "I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier today, but I was determined to give you the best show humanly possible. I played and sang my heart out, until my voice could sing no more. I'm disappointed, deeply upset and sorry. I gave it all I had. Thank you so much for your extraordinary support and all the love you showed me during tonight's performance. I am eternally grateful. Love, Elton xx"

A few YouTube commenters on the above clip sent well wishes to the "Rocketman" and "Tiny Dancer" singer, and Twitter who either saw the footage or were in attendance at the show also shared thoughts on the tearful scene.

"poor Elton John. He looks so sad," one YouTuber wrote. "He really does love performing for his fans."

"Please God, keep him safe and well," another YouTube user wrote.

"Watching Elton John cry as he left the stage tonight, breaks my heart," a Twitter user wrote.

"omg elton john just made me start CRYIN i never want to see him cry ever again i am sad," another fan tweeted. "please get better."

"that video of elton john crying get it off my timeline it's the saddest thing ever," another Twitter user wrote.


This illness comes just one week after John won an Oscar for "(I'm Gonna) Love Me Again," which was recorded for Rocketman, the biopic about his own life starring Taron Egerton.

Photo Credit: Dave Simpson/WireImage/Getty Images