Rockstar Dies After '6-Year Battle With Cancer': Gavin Webb Was 77

Webb was a bass player for the Australian rock band The Masters Apprentices.

After a six-year cancer battle, a founding member of the renowned Australian rock band The Masters Apprentices has passed away, reports 7 News. Gavin Webb, a bass player for the band from its inception in 1965 until 1968, later rejoined the group for a series of reunion shows. He was 77.

In a Facebook post, the band said the musician died in Royal Adelaide Hospital on Tuesday afternoon. "It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved bassist and founding member of ARIA Hall of Fame inducted band The Masters Apprentices, Gavin Webb," the post said. "After being in remission for a few years, Gavin passed away from a six-year battle with cancer in the Royal Adelaide Hospital on Tuesday afternoon 16th April 2024."

The band said Webb left behind an unparalleled legacy as a musician. "Even though Gavin was softly spoken, what few words he did say, he would always make count," it wrote.

"Gavin's band dossier from 1966 says his personal ambition is to 'be a good musician,' a humble dream he would go on to transcend. "Gavin leaves behind an incredible musical legacy which will live forever in Australia's music history. Gavin entered our lives 60 years ago. He joined our band as a bassist and from that moment became a member of our family; our brother. We will greatly miss our Gavin and treasure the life long bond we will share forever — from Mustangs to Masters. Our love eternally 'Spider.' Mick Bower, Brian Vaughton and Rick Morrison — The Masters Apprentices."

The band formed in 1964 as The Mustangs and was fronted by Jim Keays, who died in 2014. With songs such as "(It's) Because I Love You," "Turn Up Your Radio," "Undecided," and "Living in a Child's Dream," they were one of the major musical forces of the 1960s and early 1970s.

They moved to London in 1970, hoping to gain a foothold in the UK market. However, the band had disbanded by 1972, coming together again in the mid-1980s and beyond to play live again after a lengthy absence. Webb is survived by his son Ben and partner Sharon.

In the wake of Webb's death, the band's fans took to Facebook to express their condolences. "RIP Gavin ... thank you for the music," one fan wrote. "Thanks for the memories ... you spoke through your musicianship," commented another. "A sad day for Australian Rock n Roll. Thank you for the many years of great music."