Rick Ross Accuses Drake of Undergoing Plastic Surgery in Diss Track 'Champagne Moments'

Ross dropped 'Champagne Moments' hours after Drake insulted him on 'Push Ups.'

Rick Ross wasted no time in responding to Drake's apparent diss this weekend. On Friday, Drake released a new song called "Push Ups," hurling insults at other rappers including Ross. Just three hours later, Ross responded with his own diss track, "Champagne Moments," released straight to social media.

"Push Ups" was primarily a response to Kendrick Lamar's verse on "Like That," and is part of an ongoing beef between the rappers. Ross had telegraphed his support for Lamar in that squabble on social media in several ways, so Drake spared a few lines for him in the new song. He rapped: "I might take your latest girl and cuff her like I'm Ricky / Can't believe he's jumping in, this n- turning 50 / Every song that made it on the chart, he got from Drizzy." Ross responded with his own song called "Champagne Moments."

Ross may have referenced Drake within the song itself, but it becomes extremely obvious that he's talking about the rapper in the outro, which begins with a sound bite of Drake talking about Ross on stage last year. Drake says: "By the way, I got a lot of respect for a lot of rappers, but I got one guy, he's my favorite person to rap with on any song, his name is Rick Ross." Ross then comes in with another verse accusing Drake of getting plastic surgery.

"You ain't never want to be a n- anyway, n- / That's why you had a operation to make your nose smaller than your father nose, n-," he rapped. "I unfollowed you n-, cause you sent the motherf-ing cease-and-desist to French Montana, n- / You sent the police, n-, hating on my dog project." There are several other lines, including more insults to Drake's appearance, his creativity, and his authenticity.

Drake responded to Ross on his Instagram Story on Sunday. He posted a screenshot of his text message exchange with his mother, joking about the possibility that he got a nose job. He wrote that it wasn't true and that Ross had "gone loopy" due to taking weight loss medication. Fans are wondering whether this will be Drake's only response, or if another song may be coming soon.

This saga dates back to at least last year when Drake featured J. Cole on his song "First Person Shooter." There, Cole suggested that he, Drake, and Lamar were the "big three" greatest rappers working. Lamar responded last month with a verse on "Like That," saying: "Motherf- the big three, n-, it's just big me." Cole sent a volley of insults back on his song "7 Minute Drill," though he has since removed that song from streaming services and publicly expressed his regret for getting involved. With so many artists involved now, there's no telling who will strike next or who their target will be.