Puddle of Mudd Member Reveals Brain Injury, Suing Doctors for Malpractice

Puddle of Mudd guitarist Paul Phillips has revealed that he is suing two doctors for malpractice after suffering a brain injury while in their charge. Phillips, who is not currently a member of Puddle of Mudd but played on four of the band's albums, is taking Florida's Baptist Medical Center of the Beaches and two of its doctors to court over a situation that transpired back in November 2019. At the time, Phillips was admitted to the hospital with low sodium levels, according to test results. The doctors monitored the situation, and eventually discharged the musician.

However, per the legal documents initially reported on by TMZ, Phillips accuses the doctors of doing a poor job of caring for him, citing his being readmitted to the hospital a few days later after suffering a seizure. He states that MRI results showed damage to his brain, which he believes was a result of the care provided by the doctors. Phillips states that he is still having seizures, as well as other neurological issues, two years later.

He states that he is currently seeking treatment at the Mayo Clinic and that these issues are seriously impacting his career and ability to perform. Phillips is represented by the Morgan & Morgan law firm. At this time, it is unclear if Baptist Medical Center of the Beaches and the doctors in question have issued a statement on the matter.

Puddle of Mudd was originally formed in Kansas City, Missouri in 1991 by Wes Scantlin (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Jimmy Allen (lead guitar), Sean Sammon (bass), and Kenny Burkitt (drums). Notably, Scantlin is the only one who is still a member of the band. Puddle of Mudd went through some rough times during the '90s but caught the attention of Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst who helped Scantlin put together a new band.

It was Durst who asked Phillips to audition of Puddle of Mudd. The two were friends who share Jacksonville, Florida as their hometown. Phillips promptly quit college after being offered the job of lead guitarist. After playing on the band's hit debut record, Come Clean — as well as its follow-up Life on Display — Phillips exited Puddle of Mudd.


He eventually joined the band Operator, playing on their second album, Soulcrusher," but came back to Puddle of Mudd in 2009. The band recorded Volume 4: Songs in the Key of Love & Hate that same year. Phillips' final album with Puddle of Mudd was 2011's Re:(disc)covered, a covers album. He is listed as being a current member of the band Rev Theory, though the group does not appear to be active at this time.