Pop Star and Rapper Break up After 6 Years Together

K-pop stars HyunA and DAWN have ended their relationship. HyunA announced the couple's split on her Instagram on Nov. 30. The post, translated via Soompi, states: "We broke up. We decided to remain as good friends and colleagues from now on. Thank you always for your support and for looking over us fondly." HyunA and DAWN started dating in 2016 and made their relationship public in 2018. In February, the two sparked engagement rumors after posting photos of a ring on Instagram, with captions indicating that the proposal had actually taken place. DAWN captioned their post of the ring with an all-caps, "MARRY ME," which was later reposted by HyunA with her own caption accepting the proposal. "Of course, it's a yes," the caption reads. Back in 2018, DAWN and HyunA announced their relationship, leaving their original labels together to join PSY's P Nation. In 2012, PSY became famous for his viral song and music video for "Gangnam Style." 

At the time of the original announcement, the pair denied being in a relationship. Yet, shortly afterward, Yonhap News reported that HyunA and DAWN had confessed to dating for two years. Their source stated that they wanted to publicly acknowledge their relationship so that they could confidently stand in front of their fans. DAWN and HyunA explained their decision to acknowledge their relationship, saying, "While we knew that [dating publicly] would cause us to be linked in some way, both of us felt that it would be hard to meet our fans' eyes [while performing] on stage. We wanted to honestly tell our fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing."

HyunA started dating DAWN in May 2016. She expressed her affection for him by saying, "While he was not officially credited, E'Dawn really helped a lot with my album." In September 2021, Dawn and HyunA teamed up to release an album,  sharing their motivation for the release with Hypebae. "We've always wondered what it would be like to be on stage together and what amazing music we could create together as a team," DAWN said to Hypebae. "We just so happened to come up with a song we liked and decided to create an album based on that. Looking back now, we just wanted to produce something that we could remember." "The best part is that we know each other better than anyone else," DAWN continued. "Sometimes, HyunA knows me a lot more than even I know myself. We know each other's strengths so we can trust each other to put out our best."