Monica Reacts to Plastic Surgery Speculation

Monica says there's been no BBL in her life.

Monica says she's all-natural after recent footage of her surfaced online. Recent viral concert footage showed "The Boy Is Mine" singer appearing with a fluffier butt; many fans believed she underwent surgery for a Brazilian Butt Lift. In the footage, Monica donned a green jumpsuit, showcasing much of her curves.

"Monica no!!!! You were winning for the natural girls!," one YouTuber commented. Another added: "If it is, she didn't even need it. We always loved her petite frame." But she took to Instagram Live to dispel rumors that she followed the trend and had surgical enhancements. "Y'all got jokes," she said during a Livestream.

 "Let me tell you something. My health is far too bad to be playing like that. For me a BBL would mean bought by Linda," she added, referencing her stylist's skills to make her appear curvy via her wardrobe. "Mama don't play! I won't even get lash extensions; I still wear strips I can rip off. I done kept it real with y'all so long y'all forgot." She also noted she wears Spanx when necessary. 

Monica's health issues are long documented. In recent weeks, she seemingly passed out backstage in the middle of a show. TMZ obtained video from one concertgoer at Monica's show in Houston, Texas. Initially, the video follows Monica with long bleach tresses performing her 1998 hit,m "Angel of Mine." Later, a person with the same hair appears passed out at the side of the stage with someone carrying them away from the stage and out of the audience's view. Fans from the show discussed everything on social media, with people hinting that something went down with her.  

"The Houston streets are talking! They're saying Monica left in an ambulance after passing out by the stairs. They say she came out late; 10:35 and people were walking out by 11:05..concert goers do say something seemed off. Praying," one X account claimed.

Per TMZ, Monica suffers from mitral valve prolapse, described as a heart condition she was diagnosed with at 18. The condition impedes the flap between the upper and lower chambers of her heart from closing properly. She's also dealt with, and been hospitalized for, as well as had surgeries to address her endometriosis.

The San Bernardino American Newspaper reports Monica revealed in a  2016 interview a scary hospitalization regarding her high blood pressure. "I used to have horrible, debilitating headaches. I could not move or get out of the bed. And sometimes it would hurt so bad that I would just pass out," she said at the time. "When I went to the doctor, my blood pressure was 185. So after being hospitalized for the same thing over and over again, I've learned to change some things."