Iggy Azalea Flaunts Bottom on Top of Land Rover

Iggy Azalea's new Land Rover may have been front and center, but as usual, the Australian's booty [...]

Iggy Azalea's new Land Rover may have been front and center, but as usual, the Australian's booty stole the spotlight.

🍰 @landroverusa #landrover

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The 27-year-old rapper shared a pair of ads for Land Rover on Instagram, giving fans a carefully angled eyeful of her famous curves.

In a video post, which was shared Tuesday, Azalea sat perched on the edge of the convertible in pink pants and a matching bra and tossed her long blonde locks back and forth.

In the other Land Rover post, the "Booty" singer flaunted the pink plaid pants as she made a beeline for the Evoque convertible.

Suns out in California which means the tops down @LandRoverUSA #LandRover

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"Suns out in California which means the tops down," she wrote, tagging Land Rover in the caption.

The international pop star is active on social media, recently sharing NSFW Valentine's Day advice to a fan who asked what to get her boyfriend for the romantic holiday.

"What are you suppose to buy for men on Valentine's Day??" a fan tweeted at Azalea. "This question has haunted me since my first high school boyfriend, I bought him underwear. SOS"

In response, Azalea offered some pretty risqué advice.

"Girl. Nothing! A card, P— or both (depending on how old you are reading this expert advice)," the "Fancy" rapper suggested.

Later, when TMZ cameras caught up to Azalea on and asked her if she really believes in that advice, she said, "Yes... Yeah, I do."

The woman who Azalea initially gave the advice to eventually thanked her by tweeting back, "Well that sounds like a win win situation for me! I will absolutely take that advice and enjoy every second of it."

Many other fans appreciated her recommendation as well, with one person writing, "I love this! Take note ladies."

Azalea also weighed in on Kylie Jenner's new daughter, Stormi Webster, who has been dominating entertainment headlines all week.

"Can we just all agree Kylie's video was endearing, motherhood is a gift," she said. "But we need to chill & adopt puppies & kittens instead because I feel like in reality this is all most of us are emotionally equipped to handle."

She continued with the joke, adding, "Some of us are currently only emotionally equipped to raise and watch over ant farms. I may or may not be one of them."

Despite her controversial opinion, many fans agreed with her joke and added other things they "might" be able to raise better than a child.

"I think I might be emotionally equipped to take care of a fake plant. Maybe," one follower teased.

Another added, "I'm not emotionally equipped to raise my hand in class."

Photo credit: Instagram / @thenewclassic