Halsey Is Aware 'Stranger Things' Fans Think They're Millie Bobby Brown's Twin

Halsey says fans of Millie Bobby Brown don't have to convince them that the two look almost identical. In a series of recent Tweets, the 27-year-old "Without Me" singer and songwriter shared they see the resemblance to Stranger Things star. In fact, Halsey wouldn't mind playing Brow's twin in a future project. in a future project and even shared a photo of what a Stranger Things Halsey cameo might look like. Halsey Tweeted: "When are Millie Bobby Brown and I gonna play sisters in something this is getting out of hand."

One fan responded to the tweet with an old photo of Halsey dressed up as Brown's now-iconic character from the Netflix series, Eleven. The singer's hair in the photo is shaved and fake blood dripping from one nostril. The "You Asked for This" artist retweeted the photo and simply wrote: "Twelve," as a nod to Brown's character's name.

Unfortunately, the series finale of Stranger Things has already been filmed, so they can't co-star in an upcoming episode. The series' newly released fourth season confirmed that Eleven was one of at least 17 Hawkins Lab patients, indicating that a "Twelve" character, per Hasley, already exists. Stranger Things debuted in 2016.

The comparisons have been strong for years now. Old Tweets have resurfaced. "The lil girl w/ short hair in stranger things reminds me of @halsey," wrote one fan on Twitter six years ago.