Fall Out Boy Fans Hoping for New Music Just Got Some Bad News

Fall Out Boy frontman Patrick Stump recently addressed the possibility of the band putting out new music in the near future, and fans won't love his answer. Ahead of the Hella Mega Tour launch, which FOB is on with Green Day and Weezer, Stump spoke with Collider and fielded a question about whether new Fall Out Boy music might be on the horizon. "Nothing to speak of there," Stump replied when asked, seemingly indicating that the band currently has no plans for writing or recording.

"It's been really hard to be a band in a pandemic," he continued. "I think we've done a good job of maintaining contact and stuff, but I mean, we physically can't see each other and physically can't talk to each other, it's impossible to like be a band and be in a room." Stump then said with a laugh, "I know you can do it by Zoom, but it's like, really?" The singer and guitarist then noted that he was looking forward to reuniting with his bandmates, though he also felt a bit "nervous."

"It didn't feel like it was going to be that long, but with the pandemic and everything, it ended up being such a long time now since we played," Stump shared, then going on to note that he has been buys with scoring the new Spidey and His Amazing Friends cartoon for Marvel and Disney Junior. "And I've been so deep in scoring mode that I'm like, I kind of forgot what it's like to perform. I'm kind of anxious about the first night. I feel like I don't have to carry myself as a rock star anymore, so I've just been in scoring mode. So it'll be interesting to see if I still got it."

Speaking about how he got the job scoring a cartoon for Marvel and Disney, Stump explained that "it was an opportunity, it wasn't a guarantee." He added, "Just the chance to get to write a Spider-Man theme song, let's be honest, a lot of times you work on stuff and it doesn't go anywhere. So I kind of expected that. But even just getting to do it is crazy, you know?"


Stump then went on to share how much he enjoyed the experience. "It was one of those things that if nothing ever became of it, I was still ecstatic just to get to do it, because I'm a pretty big Marvel nerd," he said. "I was really excited and inspired when I wrote it, and I was just so grateful that they called."