Coolio Reportedly Disinvites Transgender Adult Star to Concert

A transgender adult film star claims Coolio disinvited her from a concert earlier this year after learning about her past.

Lena Kelly told Page Six that she met the "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper during the weekend of March 19 at a swingers club in Las Vegas. She told him she could come with him to a Naughty by Nature concert at the Luxor hotel.

“I was like, ‘This is really cool. I remember Coolio from when I was a kid,'” Kelly said. “I wasn’t even f-----g him or anything. That wasn’t on my mind."

When they got to the venue though, she told Coolio that she is transgender and the mood of the night changed completely. He did not want her to come to the concert with him.

“He literally, without even saying a word, went over to his boys, had a little huddle and one of his boys comes back to me and goes, 'Coolio is not trying to have that image. He says you got to go,'" Kelly told Page Six.

She claims Coolio's friend told her he didn't "want things to turn physical."

Kelly, who said she's in her "mid-20s" said she wasn't thinking about having a sexual relationship with the 54-year-old. She just wanted to go to the concert with him.

Coolio's representatives told Page Six that the incident never happened.

“That never happen and [Coolio] knows lots of porn stars and spoken out numerous of times that he has no problems with LGBT community and has friends and family that’s LGBT,” Coolio's manager told us. “Sadly this person has come forward nine months later from this alleged incident to demean his character.”

Earlier this week, Coolio told TMZ that he thinks Eminem might be killed after his disses of President Donald Trump on his new album.


"Trump is a little bit — he's a weirdo," Coolio told TMZ. "So, he might do anything. ...He might have Eminem killed.”

Photo credit: C Brandon/Redferns/Getty Images