AMAs 2019: Christina Aguilera Takes Over Twitter With Her Wild White Dress

Christina Aguilera had fans cheering as she arrived at the AMAs in a distinctive white dress. Aguilera had many votes for best dress of the night on Twitter in her white gown with wide shoulder pads and a matching head scarf. The singer wore her outfit with a practiced nonchalance.

Aguilera turned a lot of heads on the red carpet this weekend. Her rigid shoulder pads folded over most of her upper arms, and extended out several inches from her body on either side. Her whole gown had a textured look, and her head and neck were half-hidden within a translucent white scarf.

Fans were loving the dress as soon as Aguilera arrived on the scene. It was not long before the trending AMAs tag and Twitter in general were filled with declarations of love for Aguilera and her unusual gown.

"SHE WON BEST DRESSED," one person declared.

"[Christina Aguilera] just hit the [AMAs] red carpet looking like a dream in white!" added another.

Some fans half-jokingly mocked the dress as well, though this was mostly good-natured.

"Christina Aguilera looks like a mix of Mortal Kombat and Minecraft," one person tweeted.

"Christina Aguilera belongs on top of my tree this year. merry Christmas it's happening," wrote another, photoshopping Aguilera onto a Christmas tree.

Outfit aside, Aguilera gave a heart-warming interview on the AMAs' red carpet livestream. She spoke to two reporters who were huge fans of her work, and they were not shy about telling her. Both congratulated her on the 20-year anniversary of her self titled album, Christina Aguilera. One interviewer asked how she has kept evolving over all these years.

"I just listen," she said. "I'm just always open. I feel as a creator and an artist you just can't ever get swayed by the business aspect of all of it. To me, it just means everything when it's organic and it's felt."

"And that's what the song that I'm here to perform with A Great Big World is today about," she added. "It's such a spiritual magic that happens when we come together."


Aguilera's collaborative number is one of 14 performances scheduled for the awards show on Sunday night. Unlike many other performers, Aguilera is not returning to the stage to present an award, and she has not been nominated for one this year either. Still, for a legend of her status, that is the place to be tonight.

The AMAs are live on Sunday night from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. ET on ABC.