Watch Regina King Learn She Might Direct New 'Superman' Film Live During Interview

With the news that author Ta-Nehisi Coates would be penning a Superman film featuring a Black [...]

With the news that author Ta-Nehisi Coates would be penning a Superman film featuring a Black leading actor for DC Comics, speculation began to run rampant as to who would be picked to star and direct the groundbreaking film. One of the names that has been speculatively thrown into the ring for the director is Regina King, coming off of her celebrated film One Night In Miami. Oscar-winner Barry Jenkins has also been a director that has come up in the Hollywood rumor mill.

However, it seems as though King had not heard these rumors herself. In an interview with MSNBC's Tiffany Cross, King appears to be shocked when Cross mentions the speculation. "I'm curious because this is a little bit of gossip," Cross asks. "You're rumored to be on the shortlist to direct Superman. You and Barry Jenkins, both of your names have been thrown out there. Anything you want to tell us? Is there any news you can break this morning about those conversations?" King appears taken aback by the question. "Tiffany, that is news to me. You have broke the news to me," King exclaims. "A news break, live on MSNBC! Yeah, no, I have not heard that until just now." You can watch the clip here.

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King has earned tons of praise for her directorial work and has expressed interest in continuing this new phase of her career. While she is still a celebrated and in-demand actress, recently wrapping work on the upcoming Netflix Western The Harder They Fall, King definitely has big plans to direct again. "There are some things percolating," she told Screen Daily.

"There is something about directing that I feel like I'm in this constant space of just learning," she admitted. "Learning more about myself, learning more about the process, learning more about people and behavior. I really enjoy being in that space." Taking on Superman wouldn't be King's first dealings with superheroes. She starred in -- and won an Emmy for -- HBO's Watchmen, a new, revisionist continuation of the original graphic novel.