Tara Reid Gives Major Update on 'American Pie 5'

Tara Reid has given a major update on American Pie 5, and it sounds like another film in the [...]

Tara Reid has given a major update on American Pie 5, and it sounds like another film in the iconic comedy franchise might be on the way. While speaking with ET at Cassie Scerbo's '80s-themed birthday party — which was a benefit for Boo2Bullying — Reid dropped some clues about the possible new movie and revealed a new chapter in the American Pie series already has a script. "It might happen," Reid said. "There is a script out there. I'll put it that way."

The actress also explained that while there is no timeline for getting the movie off the ground as of, it is being considered. "I can't tell you when because I don't really know when, because we have to get all the actors and at the same time to get our schedules together." As far as her take on the new film's script, Reid stated that she has read it and that "it's one of the best ones" of the franchise. "It's amazing," she added, then clarifying that the movie "will happen, I just don't know when."

American Pie, the first film in the franchise, was released in 1999. In addition to Reid, the film also starred Jason Biggs, Alyson Hannigan, Sean William Scott, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Mena Suvari, Natasha Lyonne, Shannon Elizabeth and Chris Kline — among many others — and made quick A-list celebrities out of the young cast. The film would spawn three more direct sequels: American Pie 2, American Wedding, and American Reunion, as well as a handful of direct-to-video films.

Reid appeared in the second and fourth American Pie films after the original and told ET that most all of the cast have remained in contact throughout the years. "We all stay in touch in different ways," she said. Reid went on to say that many of the cast members shared a "forever" bond and added, "When you grow up with someone and you get your first breaks with someone, you can never forget that."

In addition to the American Pie sequels under her belt, Reid also had been in all of the Sharknado films but did not anticipate a future starring role in any more of those. "I've been a robot; I gave birth inside a shark, I've done everything you could possibly do. I don't see where my character would go again," she quipped. "But I think we took a great thing and ran on it. We did five films. They all went great. But sometimes, you know when to hang up the flag and I think we ended it at a perfect beat."