Sydney Sweeney Reveals She Was Bitten by 'Trained' Spider on Set of 'Anyone But You'

The 'Madame Web' star credited Glen Powell for coming to her aid during the terrifying experience.

Sydney Sweeney's upcoming role as Julia Carpenter in 2024's Spider-Man universe movie Madame Web became a little too realistic on the set of one of her other projects. Stopping by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, the Euphoria star revealed that she was bitten by an actual spider on the set of her new rom-com Anyone But You, an incident that hilariously had the on-set medic joking in an official report that she was "now Spiderwoman."

The incident occurred during a scene in which Sweeney was supposed to hold a Huntsman spider and pretend it had bitten her. The actress told Fallon, per NBC, that she was told the spider "was trained. I don't know how you train a freaking spider," but during filming, "the thing just starts biting me. But we're in the middle of the scene and I'm supposed to be screaming, but then my screaming got really serious."

"They thought I was making really serious dramatic choices in a rom-com. This is a disaster to any actor out there. It was terrible. So no one cut. So I'm just standing there with this spider on my arm, biting me, and I'm screaming, and just everyone's watching," Sweeney recalled, revealing that it was her co-star Glen Powell who "was the only one who was like, 'Whoa, whoa, whoa. I think this is a little real' and we had to cut."

Fallon then showed the audience an official report written up by the film's on-set medic, who jokingly wrote: "First aid – Sydney Sweeney (Cast Department) bitten by spider, now Spiderwoman." Sweeney said that at the time, the crew was unaware of her next project, Sony's Spider-Man spinoff Madame Web, in which the actress plays Julia Carpenter, a.k.a. Spider-Woman.

During her appearance, Sweeney shared a clip of the incident. In the short video, the actress can be heard screaming, "he's biting me, he's biting me. No, he's really biting me." Powell eventually comes to her assistance, asking: "It got you? It actually got you?" Sweeney told Fallon, "That was, like, a soul scream. I thought I was gonna die. Well, I was like, 'It's poisonous. I'm gonna die.'" She later assured fans during an appearance on Today that she was fine after taking some medicine.

Anyone But You arrives in cinemas on Dec. 22. Madame Web is scheduled for a Feb. 14 release.