The Internet Is Loving 'Sharknado 5's' 'Back to the Future' Style Ending

Sharknado 5: Global Swarming premiered on Syfy on Sunday, and naturally, social media had opinions. As it turns out, the reactions were favorable.

Specifically, the reactions to the film's ending, a Back to the Future-style moment in which Dolph Lundgren, playing Gil from the future, appears in a sharknado-powered time machine to pick up Fin and take him back in time to restore the timeline to a world before sharknado.

The Internet was here for the moment, with many people expressing their appreciation for the scene as well as their thoughts on the almost-certain Sharknado 6.

After liftoff, the words "To be continued" appear on the screen, setting the stage for yet another Sharknado sequel.


Along with Lundgren, the film also contained cameos from stars including Abby Lee Miller, Fabio, Al Roker, Chris Kattan, Charo, Bret Michaels and Tony Hawk.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @SharknadoSYFY